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What is the difference between POS and EPOS? 

June 22, 2022

EPOS structures are some distance greater green than POS structures, however, what precisely are they??


What are a POS and EPOS Systems? 

POS approach ‘Point of Sale’ and its miles in which a change for items or offerings is made. Practically, the POS is a coin sign-up that we see every time we’re out shopping.


EPOS structures are the digital layout of the conventional POS structures and are frequently performed online, in which they save data securely in a cloud.


Heightened Security 

An EPOS machine tends to have lot-stepped forward protection protocols over and above the conventional counterpart.


The need for lot-stepped forward protection became, of course, essential, considering that EPOS structures are web-primarily based totally, because of this that EPOS structures are secure to apply with little chance that they’ll be hewed or compromised. Cloud-primarily based protection is greater for stopping the chance of dropping records, e.g. a server failing after which dropping the month of income figures, in place of a hack. This is, of course, an opportunity however it’s miles greater for the advantage of saving records in place of anyone stealing it.

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Flexible Payment Options 

How we change cash is a usually converting phenomenon and due to this, hospitality companies and different organizations must be able to accept exceptional charge techniques which can be presently in existence.


From online bills to the conventional credit score card charge, thru to the contemporary-day contactless bills, clients have multiple exceptional possibilities wherein to pay for items and offerings.


The conventional POS machine usually can handiest be given coins bills and bills made through debit and credit score cards. For any enterprise that also makes use of a POS machine, it’s probable now no longer doing them any favors, due to the fact they save you a few clients from shopping for merchandise or the usage of offerings due to the fact they may be not able to pay.

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There isn’t any manner for older-style POS structures to just accept online or contactless, in order such, they may be now taken into consideration as outdated.


Hardware Flexibility

In bygone times, POS structures might handiest paintings with the hardware that became furnished with it. Typically, that could have been a desk-bound terminal, coins drawer, in addition to a credit score and debit card reader.


In phrases of hardware, EPOS structures are loads greater bendy and lots of EPOS structures are well-matched with iPads and diverse different cell devices, which can be now typically utilized in restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

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Along with this adaptability comes the removal of pricey and cumbersome hardware that POS structures relied upon. Again, this reduces premature charges in addition to preservation charges significantly.


With a software program, this is cloud-primarily based, so long as there’s an internet connection, it’s now feasible to benefit get admission on your machine everywhere withinside the venue.


What’s greater is that lots of today’s EPOS structures include offline capability, so you don’t should closely depend on a web connection. This approach is that if the net is going down, your complete community does now no longer pass down with it. If that has occurred to you before, you’ll recognize how irritating it can be. Not only for you but your clients as nicely.

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Management of Inventory 

Because it’s feasible to benefit real-time get admission to on your stock out of your EPOS machine, it’s a miles greater bendy machine of stock control than what became to be had with old POS structures.


You can music your stock out of your EPOS terminal, because of this in case your inventory is jogging low, you’ll get hold of notifications. In turn, you’ll in no way be brief of your first-class sellers, however at the identical time, you’ll in no way be overstocked either. On TISSL’s structures, you could try this withinside the lower back office, now no longer at the front of the residence pos terminal’

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With the conventional POS machine, stock control mistakes might occasionally cause cabinets to be encumbered with useless inventory. All too often, that useless inventory might then should be ‘shelved’, which might value time and cash.


Analytics Tools

Still, jogging an older POS machine? Do you get income traits data from it? Charted income figures?


For EPOS structures, those stats come as preferred and they provide loads greater capability too. You get a bunch of analytics gear with contemporary-day-day EPOS structures permitting you to correctly check how enterprise overall performance is doing.


With our EPOS structures, you could view charges while inputting the product, you could country the value charge of merchandise and GP and it’s going to calculate your wholesale charge.

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This is an appealing stage of perception to have and it’s something a good way to serve you and your enterprise nicely as there’ll not be any guesswork involved.


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