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Start Your Social Business Activities With SHOPLINE

September 30, 2023

There is a massive boost in the rate of social commerce utilisation among eCommerce business owners. And why won’t it be? As there are billions of active people on social media, the efforts to convert them into potential customers can be a winning strategy for eCommerce businesses.

With the introduction of Facebook Shop by Meta in 2020, social commerce picked up pace, as retailers from all categories wanted to set up their social media stores. But, that was a daunting process as all setup parameters were approached manually. But, as of today, the Shopline developers have stated that the Facebook Shop and Shopline store can be integrated automatedly.

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It means that the merchants who are selling their products on their Shopline store can now market their products over Facebook as well. Thus, managing inventory, orders and products on a single dashboard will reduce the efforts you have to impose for handling both sales channels.

In this article, you will get an insight into how you can initiate your social business activities with the Shopline store.

How to Get Started with Your Social Commerce Activities Across Shopline?

For implementing the social commerce activities over your Shopline store, you can make use of the Facebook Extension Kit, which will allow you to migrate or sync the product catalogue of the store with that of the Facebook Shop.

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It takes just a few steps for you to integrate the extension into your store and link both sales channels. But, you can hire professional eCommerce development experts to help you in the process while you handle the other core aspects of expanding your business.

What are the Different Ways in which this Extension Helps Boost the Social Commerce Benefits of Shopline?

Here are some of the ways using which the social commerce efforts for Shopline can be implemented through the Facebook Extension, which includes:

  • Share the Product From Facebook Shop to Post

If you want to highlight a specific product from the Facebook Shop to the Facebook Post and give a CTA button to enable your customers to avail easy shopping experience, this integration is of utmost importance.

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When someone clicks on the CTA button, they will be redirected to your Shopline site, where they can place their orders easily for the highlighted product.

  • Label the Featured Products on Posts and Photos for Increasing Visibility

You must add tags to the Shopline products that you have added to the Facebook Shop, using the product name, description, price and other such details. People will just have to click on the photo and access the tags to see relevant information about the product.

These tags can also be directed to the Shopline website itself or the products linked at Facebook Shop to ensure an easy shopping experience for the customers. You can connect with your Shopline eCommerce development company to help you with setting up these tags.

  • Managed the Catalogue of Products for Organising the Product Lines

Once you have integrated your Shopline store into Facebook Shop, you must group the items within the catalogue for the platform to feature some of the item collections to enable easy shopping for the customers. When featured collections are highlighted from your store, customers will be able to spot the most curated or demanding products that you offer.

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Hence, this will help you boost the rate of conversions for your Shopline store, as your target audience will be able to see or come across your store products that align with their shopping activities or interests.

  • Livestream Shopping

For grabbing the attention of consumers today, live-stream broadcasting is considered a very powerful approach. The idea of livestream shopping has been in trend for quite a long time now, and most of the brand sellers are quite eager to try it out.

Shopline introduces livestream shopping with quick ordering functions over Facebook Live. Once you have created your Facebook Shop, you can go live over the platform to start a live broadcast promoting a specific product or collection of products.

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Any comments made to the live stream will automatically initiate the welcome message over Facebook Messenger. Automatic prompts will be sent to direct consumers towards adding more items to their carts.

  • Chat Shopping

You can now buy products at the Shopline store through chatting over Facebook Messenger. Conversational business is a trend today, and as per the survey done by Facebook, around 45% of consumers send out a message to the brands to get information about their products.

Therefore, upon using social commerce for the Shopline store over Facebook, you can use chat shopping, which focuses immensely on converting potential leads into customers by using automated messages. With the social commerce feature for Shopline, you can enable the script settings for implementing chatbots. These bots will direct the various customer behaviours using definite script sets.

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Chatbot commerce will further help guide the customers to shop from your Facebook Shop or Shopline store. They can show them product carousels in private DMs or call out the products from Shopline stores by assessing the specific keywords. Thus, customers will find it easy to browse and shop your Shopline products from social media platforms, easily.

  • Message Centre

Every private message or comment upon a specific product or collection of products is an opportunity to promote conversions. Based on the social eCommerce development services associated with Shopline, the Message Centre acts as a unified management hub for connecting Facebook Messenger and the private messaging function of the Shopline store.

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Not only that, but it also integrates Facebook comments on diverse posts. Combining the channels, boosting the customer service aspects and presenting quick responses will allow the sellers to manage messages efficiently across the social media channel. The Message Centre consists of an ‘Add to Cart’ button to seamlessly help you convert conversations into an order.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new Shopline business owner or have been in this industry for a while, setting up the Shopline eCommerce store integrated with Facebook Shop is quite easy for you to adopt the social commerce trend.

You can hire Shopline developers to help you integrate social commerce by integrating the Facebook extension kit. This will enable you to create a more engaging, interactive or dynamic shopping experience for the customers.

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Thus, you will be able to build positive relationships with your Shopline customers and help bring in more traffic to the eCommerce store or Facebook Shop linked to Shopline.


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