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Ways Teachers Can Develop Patience

April 11, 2022

Patience is the most important factor of teaching. Teacher is that single mind which controls several different kinds of minds in order to teach them and give them knowledge of different subjects. As compared to common people, teachers have more reasons to get annoyed and frustrated due to students irritating behaviour sometimes, sometimes due to discriminating behaviour of management, sometimes personal issues etc. Professionally they can’t let this frustration affect their teachings and all the rules of teaching say that come what may they should enter the class smiling and have to teach with a sparkling mode so that students can learn and enjoy the class. Doesn’t’ matter how short tempered you are but being a teacher, you will have to be patient. People usually become angry soon if anything asked many times but here a teacher will have to answer the same question a thousand times if asked that too with a smiling face because this is the commitment level of this profession. School management system of any school never tolerates a short-tempered teacher. Also, school management system checks it time to time by having surveys among students that how patiently their teachers teach them. That is one of the reasons too, why students are switching towards online education. Students these days get help also by any LMS portal as an LMS portal keeps online learning of the students safe.

Those people who have a great level of patience, politeness and calm are proven to be the best teachers. But what are the measures which can be adopted by any teacher to be a good teacher which is loved and respected by students and everyone? Let’s have a look:

  • The first important thing to do is to make a list of all those moments when you feel angry, impatient and frustrated. Pen down the situation like any particular which irritated you, any subject or particular class which irritates you, any personal reason when usually you lose your patience or any other symptoms which can clear that you are in anger and in a situation of frustration. Having noted down these situations you will be able to avoid such situations and escape whenever these situations get created. It is not like a teacher can help, search for a kid seeing whom you always smile naturally and talk with him/her for a moment, all of a sudden, all the frustration and anger will vanish.
  • Being a teacher, you can have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders like teaching the children, checking their copies, giving them important notices, making teaching plans, checking student’s exam copies, submitting their numbers, making their results, hosting teachers’ parents meetings etc. Being tangled in so many responsibilities sometimes you may feel like rushing to complete all the tasks. Then pause yourself, take a deep breath, calm down yourself and try to be a little slower so that you can complete each and every task properly and correctly. This practice will help a lot to achieve patience.
  • Just like a tutor instead of observing students now this time observe yourself so that you can find the possible reasons of your possible anger and impatience and do examine your reactions in such situation and very patiently try to change your mindset to handle those situations and try some other ways which can solve the situation without any violence or any impatient behaviour.
  • Teachers are role models to the students hence, they should practice mindfulness and try to stay calm and cool. It is very common that being very angry and impatient people develop headache often and sometimes fever and high blood pressure too. As a teacher one should take deep breaths, count 1 to 10, think about the most smiling and cute kid of the class and remember you don’t have to scare students and by combining all these activities all of a sudden you will be normal.
  • A teacher should be a good listener too, after all students spend 5-6 hours with their tutors and they have only their tutors to share their experiences. So, tutors need to listen to others and their students very patiently and should respond accordingly after listening to other people properly so that being a learned person the tutor can provide a proper solution. And this process increases the level of patience also.


ways teachers can develop patience

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