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Visualization Will Save Your Project 

July 12, 2022

Working days are a pretty tough routine. Waking up in the morning you are already thinking about work. Working in a team sounds only easy. These skills should be used in order to achieve success for the company. Moreover, you should understand each other, as some projects can be so complicated and take so much time. During your free time, you can drink something in the cafe or gamble with your team at live casino games to resurrect your inner powers.

You have a large project with a huge amount of background information. How to tell the whole team about the goals, objectives, and specifics of the work? Get your stickers, templates, and markers ready!

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Visualization Benefits

Visualization is necessary for accepting and understanding the information. You don’t need to use lots of text in order to show the desired result. Moreover, it can show a pretty large amount of information using pictures and graphics.

Visualization is great for your imagination. It activates your brain in the option to imagine and think about how to get the desired result. It can have multiple uses. The poster can be placed as a reminder in a prominent place in the office. It is much easier to repeat the material according to the abstract than according to the written notebook.

    Group Communication

The normal organization of the group contains several aspects, such as the formation of the vision and values, setting goals, and planning steps. You can use graphic visualization in order to communicate with your team in different ways. We would like to pay your attention to pre-training and without preparation.

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Pre-training method is used to show the desired results and the possible way to do it. It is very important to explain the desired goals and discuss all possible ways to achieve them, even if that is impossible.

Without preparation, the method includes all your imagination. But we should mention that your team should be as crazy as you are in order to understand any of your imagination.

Templates are brightly designed posters, most often on a flipchart sheet, with designated spaces for filling. The participants fill in the information, stick special cards or make notes on stickers and attach them. So another team or some other workers could understand what is going on.

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Templates save time and set the flow of work, increasing the group dynamics of the team and involvement in the process.

Visualization Stages

Visualization is, first of all, working with meaning, and then designing and drawing. Based on this, there are 3 stages:

  1. Collection, analysis, and structuring of information. Select

a convenient visualization template, font, and color scheme.

  1. Division into large semantic blocks.

Choose a name and vivid images, if necessary –

reflect the relationship of the blocks to each other.

  1. Structuring information within blocks.

Use paragraphs, arrows, and bullets.

Project Activities

Visualization not only conveys information but also contributes to greater involvement in the work. An important condition is that everyone should have the materials. To do this, use electronic platforms or allocate a special place in the office, equipping it with a board.

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When assigning roles, functions, or tasks to a project, prepare a template ahead of time. Fill it out during the meeting with the team. If the template is universal and will be used in the future, use stickers of different shapes and colors. They are easy to move, add and remove.

Use adapted calendar templates, kanban. Place them on the wall in the office or on the electronic platform. So the team will be able to follow the stages of work on the project and improve the quality of internal communications and involvement.

In conclusion, do a retrospective. Prepare a template with a timeline, involving all participants, to collect complete information about the project. Arrange the information in chronological order and analyze it. Record any achievements and lessons learned that need to be taken into account when planning future projects.

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