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6 ways Mobile Apps are rethinking Recruitment

May 25, 2022

In today’s fast paced world of recruitment it is important to hire the right candidate that not only meets the demands of experience and education but also someone who would be a great fit to the company’s values.

1. Job Posting

Mobile app development has made job posting really easy. As a recruiter you can download any one of thousands of job listing apps and then upload all the details of your proposed job and press submit! It will then be shared across all those who browse the mobile app in search of jobs.

2. Shortlisting Candidates

Recruitment mobile apps can help busy recruiters to filter out the most suitable candidates very easily. As an HR manager you can set certain conditions and the mobile app will highlight only those applications that meet those conditions. This could be for example only wanting to view those with a university degree.

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3.Setting up Interviews

Android app development makes it really easy to schedule interviews. The applicants can directly submit their application and track their progress if they are selected for interviews. Recruiters can inform the job applicant about the interview and all other details directly through the recruitment app.

4.Evaluating the Candidate

If you use psychometric testing as part of your recruitment process then this can also be easily integrated into a recruitment mobile app. The candidates can be notified if they have to take any tests and also their results can be shared instantly with recruiters.


If you have successfully selected your applicant to fill the vacancy then the mobile app can help with the induction process of the candidate as well. This can include messages on the dress code, office location, reporting time and other vital information. Induction mobile apps can be easily developed by Elegant Media as they are the leading mobile app developer in Australia.

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If there is any training required as part of the induction process then this aspect can also be managed by the use of a mobile app. The mobile app can coordinate any training opportunities and schedule training as well so everyone is up to date.


Thereby bringing the digital recruitment process to a close.


The role of mobile apps in the digital landscape of modern recruiting cannot be underestimated. When it comes to finding the best possible fit and match for your organization’s vacancies, you can trust a mobile app to do all the hard work so you can focus on recruiting the best.

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